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Section 17: "Finished"

Pieces are starting to move about the board

Section 18: "Truth"

Where do we go from here?

Section 19: Additional Training

This mystery is slowly unfolding...

Section 20: Additional Training 2 - Unlikely Allies

Sky learns a few tricks, Ariah sheds light on her goals

Section 24: Vicious - Test Run Part IV

Things are about to escalate further!!

Section 29: Kalé

A majorly powerful introduction!

Section 30: Treasure

Something has been set in motion...

Section 31: Mission

Time for some serious training!

Section 35: Disarmed - Internship Part IV

Wolf makes a friend, but a new enemy approaches!

Section 36: Dismay - Internship Part V

Sky has improved, but the uphill battle has just begun!