Comic 84 - Section 2 page 79

27th Mar 2017, 12:13 PM in Section 2: Star - A Lost King Part III
Section 2 page 79
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Cattimus 27th Mar 2017, 12:13 PM edit delete
So with the next few pages things will be a bit calmer. I hope no one is too upset with that. This chapter is about to wind down and the next chapter is where things will get pretty fun! I hope everyone had a great weekend as usual- enjoy!
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sigpig 27th Mar 2017, 6:39 PM edit delete reply
Could be meat, could be cake.

Could be...MeatCake(tm)
Cattimus 27th Mar 2017, 8:54 PM edit delete reply
Only one way to find out!
Matt Knab 27th Mar 2017, 11:26 PM edit delete reply
Matt Knab
Turns out, her race is deathly allergic to even moderate levels of sodium. XD
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