Comic 454 - Section 17 page 28

11th Nov 2019, 8:30 AM in Section 17: "Finished"
Section 17 page 28
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Cattimus 11th Nov 2019, 8:30 AM edit delete
Exposition time! Hopefully I didn't overdo it on the next few pages! Enjoy!
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KAM 11th Nov 2019, 12:09 PM edit delete reply
And the next hunter was told to get the kid, the gem, and a sandwich! ;-)
Cattimus 11th Nov 2019, 12:18 PM edit delete reply
🤣 in a way, yes you are correct!
chris-tar 11th Nov 2019, 8:45 PM edit delete reply
What is that giant vein covered sac protruding from his chest!?!
That ain't normal!!!
Cattimus 11th Nov 2019, 11:21 PM edit delete reply
You will find out soon! 😁😁😁
chris-tar 12th Nov 2019, 8:13 AM edit delete reply
Oh no! That sac is his new body! And his old one will shrivel and die while it is still speaking!
Totally disturbing!
Cattimus 13th Nov 2019, 12:18 AM edit delete reply
😂 you are.......almost maybe not exactly correct!
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